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Brazil Trip - Sample Itinerary

Chapada dos Guimarães, near the geodesic center of the Americas - Cuiabá, Brasil

The next tour I will guide will be in late June or July to Brazil, reflecting my 25 years experience traveling in this country.

We will probably start in Tefé where the Mamiruá Sustainable Reserve is located. This is the only place in the world to witness the Red, Black, and White Uakari monkeys. They are formidable seed predators and extraordinary leapers.

This reserve is full of Amazonian Pirarucu, one of the largest freshwater fish in the world as well as parrots, toucans, sloths, and primates.

Toco Toucan

We will then go to Rio de Janeiro, the worlds' most beautiful natural harbor to visit private gardens and mountaintop restaurants.

A mandatory visit to the garden of Roberto Burle-Marx in Guaratiba will occupy an afternoon, followed by a stop at Jardim Botanico in the heart of Rio.

Depending on the time of year, we may also fly to Mato Grosso to visit the Pantanal. This is the only place in the world to see the endangered Hyacinth Macaw feasting on palm nuts of the Acuri.

There are many Pousadas here, such as Pousada Mutúm, where you can witness over 50 species of birds at the ranch within two early morning hours. The Jabiru Stork and the Toco Toucan, as well as thousands of Ibis, Wood Storks, and Capybara make the whole place seem like someone just released all the animals in the zoo!

A family of Capibaras seen on a previous expedition to Mato Grosso, Brazil

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