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The first Nature House museum of natural history with exhibits from over 20 equatorial countries - Winter Park, Florida (1985-1991)

Nature House is Randall Quirk's private museum of natural history located in Florida with art, multicultural religious objects, taxidermy specimens & bamboo furniture from over 30 countries.

There are giant clams from the South China Sea, mounted Tasmanian King Crabs, handmade ramayana puppets from Java, hand-carved gourds from Peru and bronze Buddhas from Thailand.

Wall mounts include Rhinoceros-Horned Beetles from brazil, moths and butterflies from the Amazon & Madagascar, and Black Priañha  from Manaus.

In glass exhibition cases there are authentic Indian headdresses from the Kayapo tribe, made from toucan & scarlet macaw feathers, as well as the extraordinary coconut crab from Micronesia.

Flowering orchid species with palms and bromeliads are exhibited here, harvested from the rare plant house, creating a unique tropical ambience. 

One memorable guest said, "It looks like
Tarzan grew up and married a designer!"

Guests are welcomed with Mamey or Carambola (star fruit) smoothies, or Caipiriñhas if appropriate. The rare plant house beckons to be explored by wafting out tropical fragrances from ylang-ylang, Michelia or orchid blossoms and is a sight to behold. The piece de resistance is the world's largest orchid, Grammatophylum Saeciosum from Borneo which took almost 18 years to finally flower.

Nature House featured on the television program, "What's Up?"

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Take a tour of Nature House's specimens (above), or take an extensive tour of its gardens (below).

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